Invitation to Ena retreat.

Tono ranchTono ranch  We invite you to our home town. Please come to Iwamura town and stay our house. Iwamura is south area of Ena city,Gifu prefecture, surrounded by beautiful mountains and green feelds.
Iwamura is an old castle town. The groups of traditional buildings and streets have been preserved as important historical district. And we can study about old Japanese life style at old marchants' houses where opened for visitors. At the top of the mountain above this town, there are "The Iwamura castle ruins".
"The Tono ranch" is our special recommendation. From the top of the hill in the ranch, we can see 360-degree views, lake and mountains, farm villages, they are very beautiful through all seasons.

Iwamura castle ruinsIwamura castle ruins The life in this area, we think, is very calm and comfortable. We want to share this comfort to everyone. You can reborn in Ena. In old Jpanese language "Ena" means placenta. The Mt.Ena is located at center of Japan islands and looks like a pregnant woman lying down. So, we say "Let's reborn in Ena!"
Street of Iwamura castle townStreet of Iwamura castle town

Our house in this mountain village can accept 7-8 people to stay. Our Ena-Iwamura homeOur Ena-Iwamura home We can provide some optional servicies along your various plans or any Experience Programs, sightseeing, beeing relax, meditation, healing, workshop etc.
玄関 恵那・岩村の家
The basic cost is about several thousands yen, one night and breakfast. Dinner is also available, guidanca to nearly restaurants, or catering from Japanese restaurants, our handmade foods.The fee of optional services and dinners will be added to basic cost. You can make your custom plans. Please feel free to contact us.We are waiting your visit. 2014 Summer Retreat2014 Summer Retreat

Examples of Experience Program:


Crystal bowl
Crystal bowls

Wild Goose Qigong

drawing Zentangle

◎around walks, shrines, temples etc. ◎wild plants picking ◎mowing, chopping woods, bonfire, barbecue ◎riding experience ◎pottery experience ◎maiking soba experience etc.

◎neighborhood sightseeing, Arranged depending on the dates and your choice, ranch, castle, a castle town, rural landscape, old houses cafe, Enakyo vallay, Ena shrine, Dragon Falls, Kasagiyama, 1000 pieces rice fields etc.
Tono ranch,early morning fog seaTono ranch,early morning fog sea

From Tono ranch viewing Mt.EnaFrom Tono ranch viewing Mt.Ena

Farm village scenery from Old house cafeFarm village scenery from Old house cafe
Dragon fallDragon fall
Pyramid rock of Mt.KasagiPyramid rock of Mt.Kasagi

Access to our Ena-Iwamura home:

◎By car Navigation syustem will bring you.
Highway bus: Shinjuku ~ Ena bus stop one way about 4 and a half hours. Meitetsu, JR bus, some other, day & night. About 3600 yen to 6000 yen (It is different in the busy season and otherwise)
◎Train: Tokyo Station ~ Tokaido Shinkansen Nagoya - Chuo Line ~ Ena Station and get off, pick-up by car, or from where Akechi railway to Gokuraku Station.
By train, it will be about 2xcharge by bus.

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